Clear Quartz

Clear quartz not only looks stunning but also has some pretty amazing benefits with an interesting history.

Clear Quartz dates back to use by many cultures such as the Native Americans, the Ancient Egyptians, Australian Aboriginals, and even Romans to help recognise when the body was at “dis-ease”. The Tibetan Buddhists even used clear quartz in healing and raising the consciousness towards an enlightened state, to reach Nirvana.

Clear quartz is known to help with healing and balancing out negative emotions, feelings, and aiding in turning them into positive energy. This can assist with providing clarity enabling you to think clearer and make clearer decisions. Now if that isn’t pretty amazing, I don’t know what it is!

Whenever worn or carried, it acts as a physical energiser which aids to protect and maintain the body’s energy.

To gain the benefits from clear quartz you can sleep with a clear quartz stone under your pillow which can help assist you in reading offering some insights into your dreams. If worn as a necklace it can help to stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands, it also can be useful for sore throats and any congestion. If worn over the heart it can increase the efficiency of the immune system. If worn as earrings it can help to balance out the physical body, aid in clearer alignment which helps to harmonise the Chakras.

You can also simply carry a clear quartz stone with you which will assist with maintaining balance, energy, and protection.

If you are wanting to take good care of quartz, then re-energising and cleansing them regularly is important as they can get bogged down by negativity, these simple ideas will help them to get back into tip-top shape –

  • Smudging with White Sage or Palo Santo. Make sure a window is open if you are doing so indoors and in one hand hold your Sage or Palo Santo and once it is lit with your other hand move your stone through the smoke and you can do this for 30 seconds per stone.
  • Using the power of the Full Moon or New Moon (either is great, personally I love the energy of the New Moon). You can leave your stone directly underneath to bask under the Moon or place on the window sill where it will be able to receive the power of the Moon, your stones can be left like this overnight.
  • Another option is to place your Crystal(s) over dry rice on a plate and leave them overnight to recharge and the rice will absorb the negative energy. Ensure you throw away the rice once you are done as it will be filled with negative energy, and you don’t want to be using that!

I hope you find this helpful and able to take away some helpful insights, in how to use clear quartz in your life to get some extra support with maintaining your energies and feeling the best you can. 

Assunta x


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